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Zako Skotnice

Tradition, Flexibility, Durability

Zako Skotnice

We are a mechanical engineering company with a long tradition in mechanical engineering for sheet metal processing, where quality, innovation and design are paramount. We have been producing motorized machines for unwinding, slitting, cutting and bending sheet metal in the Czech Republic for more than a quarter of a century.

We differentiate ourselves through a high degree of adaptation to given customer requirements and the needs of the niche market segment


Czech engineering has a rich tradition and has contributed to a variety of industries, including automotive, aviation, energy and applied mechatronics. Our country's reputation is characterized by its technical prowess, creativity and the ability to find appropriate solutions in unknown situations thanks to accumulated know-how and experience. Technical thinking was passed down from generation to generation.

We follow tradition and are proud to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors by offering “Czech Made” quality.


Our machines are robust, technologically advanced and can be configured in different ways. The machines are easy to operate with an intuitive operating system and a high degree of individualization, ensuring high productivity and overall ease of work.

Thanks to close collaboration with our customers and careful listening, we apply technologically adapted solutions to create the best production conditions for our customers.

our DNA

The wolf symbol in our logo stands for values that make our company and our machines special. These are:

  • Strength and determination – the strength and determination of our team to constantly advance the design, development and applied technologies

  • Precision and Accuracy - Ability to accurately address root cause and market needs and ensure accurate execution

  • Teamwork – just like wolves hunt in packs, we understand the importance of teamwork across disciplines

  • Development – The development of technology is part of our company DNA as a never-ending process of continuous improvement