Hydraulic bending machines

Thanks to proven and unique bending system with maximum angle of 165° with large stroke and high working speeds our machines offer high flexibility and very fast bending, hemming and cutting.

The bender has a robust steel frame construction that ensures high machine stability. The bending bar is attached on the underside via a rigid kinematic lever mechanism that allows the sheet to be bent. The top bar opens up to a height of 200 mm.

The bending machines are equipped with Siemens programmable units, longitudinal shears and programmable stops for sheet metal feed to individual bends. The drive is ensured by an electro-hydraulic unit that is easy to control, ensuring high productivity, fluidity and stability in the production process.

Our machines are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. Service is limited to cleaning the machine, replenishing and hydraulic fluid checking and occasional adjustments.

Bending machines for 2 mm thickness or more are featuring manual or hydraulic movement of the upper bar. The bending accuracy is ± 2 ° for bend stroke and ± 0.5 mm movement of the stopping edge.

To meet the demanding requirements of all customers, we are able to equip the bending machine with almost any devices or modify the machine to given specifics. For instance the upper bar can be equipped with a hardened, split bending edge with radius R2 or other size.

Technical parameters

- Bender size: 3 to 8m
- Sheet metal thickness: 0.1mm to 4mm
- Stroke (standard): up to 200mm
- Bending angle: 145 ° standard, possible up to 165 °
- Other machine parameters on request


  • Programmable stops. Machine and stop control, programmable (memorized) up to a total of 10000 bends. Optionally, it is possible to program the scissors-width function and the length of the cut sheet
  • Multiple stands. The number of stands can be increased to increase the pressing and bending forces and to increase the overall rigidity of the benders.
  • Illumination of sheet bender
  • Overvoltage protection for II. and III. degree 
  • Automation elements - manipulators, feeders, etc.
  • Special customer requirements

Decoiling and slitting lines

This line of our design serves for coiling of metal sheets, strengthening, laminating in protective foil, longitudinal cutting up to six belts of any width, transverse cutting to defined quantities and lengths of metal sheets, which are placed on the handling trolley.

Upon delivery of the decoiler, the longitudinally divided strips can be wound on separate coils of a predetermined length of the sheet. The machine is controlled by an industrial computer and works completely automatically.

It is simple to define quantity and length of sheets in a program and adjust the longitudinal scissors to the desired band width.


Max weight of unwound coil 10t
Coil inner diameter 480 – 520 mm (580 – 620 mm)
Max coil width (max. Plate width)  1250 mm or 1500mm
Max. Strength of steel sheet strength approx. 35kp / mm 2mm
Max. Number of longitudinal cuts 5
Min. Width of cut strip - extreme min. 30 mm ± 0.5 mm
- min. in between shears 30 nebo 50 mm dle nastavení ± 0,5 mm
Cut lengths within ± 0,5 mm

The line consists of the following parts (can be purchased separately):
- Decoiler
- guide table
- handling trolley with unwound coils
- guidance equipment
- straightener
- foil wrapper for sheet metal
- longitudinal shears
- guillotine shears
- handling trolley with cut strips of sheet metal
- control and measuring automatics

- reel of cut sheet metal strips
- handling trolley for handling of decoiled coils
- the registration of scrolls
- warehouse management
- trimming shears (waste belt recycling, splitting into small tapes already during cutting)
- Automation (manipulator, coil folding, palletizing, etc.)

All these parts form separate blocks and therefore the line can be built from some of them, according to the customer's needs.

Custom production


Welding, MIG method up to 500A
- Size 30x2500x8000, weight of weldment max 1000kg

Wet painting - standard spraying
- Maximum part size 1000 x 2000 mm

Montage of complete assemblies, subassemblies or individual parts
- Mechanical parts, including electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic connections

Processing of metal sheet parts
- Cutting and bending of metal sheet up to 1.5mm and length up to 6m
- Cutting up to 5mm max. Length 3m
- Welding of cut and bent parts into frame weldment
- Curling of metal sheet 4,5x1300mm



- Maximum part size 1270 x 610 x 720 mm
- Working table size 1500 x 670 mm

- Maximum turning diameter 254mm
- Maximum turning length 572mm
- Spindle passage 63,5mm

FNG 40 CNC 3-axis
- Maximum part size 120 x 850 x 700 mm
- Working table size 600 x 400 mm

Engraving CNC
- Engraving CNC is suitable for machining of non-ferrous metals, plastics and wood
- Maximum panel size 600 x 600 x 100 mm

Tapping machine
- Threads M3 to M12

Finesa FNK25
- Maximum part size 800 x 300 x 350 mm
- Working table size 250 x 1250 mm

Conventional lathes

Conventional milling machines

Vertical grinder BPV 300/1500
- Maximum part size 300 x 300 x 1500 mm


  • Design development - jigs, gauges, single-purpose machines, assembly workplaces, etc
  • Automation - manipulators, feeders, automatic workplace, etc.
  • Refurbishment and retrofitting of machines
  • Overhauls of machines
  • Maintenance services